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"Diary of a Dreamer" is a collection of songs that are designed to take you on a modern musical journey. In a time where studio "tricks" have become the current standard for popular music, Sedeah with her passionate writing and vocal style, has the ability to transcend interpretation and simply touch your soul.  Whether she sings in a classic Motown style ("Ode"), or simply slays a contemporary ballad ("Runaway"), her sound is a refreshing blend of traditional R&B mixed with a modern soul dynamic. We highly recommend if you enjoy Solange, Amy Winehouse and/or Ms. Lauren Hill, to please join us in celebrating this truly talented composer/writer/songstress by supporting her journey and purchasing  your own copy of  "Diary of a Dreamer" ....

Copyright 2016. Sedeah Theophilus. All Rights Reserved. 

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